Grey Bumble Bee Henely
Grey Bumble Bee Henely

Grey Bumble Bee Henely

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"I am light embodied to create happiness."

Every Divine Armor recycled piece is as unique as you, one of a kind. They are harvested with the intention to serve you and give the clothing new life, by connecting it to the person it truly belongs to. They are inspected for quality and wear to make sure every piece is in like new condition, and if not their damages are noted and they are discounted. Every piece is hand printed or embroidered in Boise, ID and washed in a sensitive skin detergent after production to test the print or embroidery durability. Every print and embroidery is unique to the piece itself, some will be rougher and some will be smooth all depending on the material itself. For further information you can message us and we will be happy to help!
With Love,
The Divine Armor Team