Because of the nature of Divine Armor there are a lot of questions you may have and this is where common questions will be answered.  If there are questions you have that are not in this list please feel free to shoot us a message so we can add it to the list! 
Why we use upcycled clothing

Upcycling clothing allows us to create massive variations in style, size, quality, color, and more while making each piece one of a kind.  By upcycling, or recycling clothes we are also helping reduce the outstanding amount of waist produced by the fashion industry (read more here) while still being able to provide clothing in good quality to you.  Keep in mind as well that every piece is unique and the way each one takes a print or embroidery will be different.  

Donating used clothing

We do accept donations of used or unwanted clothing so long as they meet certain criteria. Each piece must have all its buttons, a working zipper, no stains, no accidental holes (or very minimal holes), no warping (twisted torso seams or over stretched arms etc.), and they must be washed before being brought to us to be sure they can immediately be taken to the press or embroidery machine. Style is also important to consider, if they don't work for the Divine Armor style they will either be returned to you or donated at your request.

Ordering personalized pieces

If requested we can find products matching style and sizing requested for custom pieces. We cannot guarantee exact styles, brands or colors. We will provide photos of the pieces and if you are able to come in to our shop you can try on products before decoration. If the product does not fit you may exchange it for another item, you will then either be refunded the difference (for cheaper pieces) or charged the difference (for more expensive pieces).

Providing personalized pieces

If garments are being provided to be decorated, the base cost is $25.00 for one print and $5.00 per additional print. Embroidery pieces depend on size and stitch count and start at $5.00.
Some fabric types are not safe to print or embroider on which we will tell you. We cannot guarantee quality or longevity as those depend on the fabric type, if it's been washed, if it has a protective coating etc. All things that would be a risk we will tell you beforehand. In the event that the clothing is damaged we will not charge for the work.


Wholesale availability

New and recycled products may be purchased for wholesale. Please contact us personally for more information.


Sizing details

All recycled pieces come in the size they are listed with exclusively. Only products from our distributors will have multiple sizes available.


Gift wrapping and packaging

Our packaging comes standard in a polybag or a small box depending on order size. if you would like the product to be packaged in a specific way please contact us directly.


Additions to already made pieces

For any additions you would like to add (embroidery, extra prints) onto pieces already for sale and decorated will cost an additional $5.00. Please send us a message and we can arrange any additions you would like to make.


Shipping times

We have our own screenprinting and embroidery equipment and produce all products in house making our average shipping times 3 - 7 business days. For recycled clothes posted here the shipping times will typically be faster while custom orders or new item orders will depend on when we receive the order and how quickly it can be found/shipped to us for decoration.